Sunday, August 30, 2015

How to increase targeted traffic to your site?

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How to increase targeted traffic to your site?

For a long time wanted to tune tekatiunase. But were unable to due to the registration. I am unable to register the first tune. Today I am going to share with you about how to increase traffic to your site targeted. To tune in the desired sequence. Inshallah. let's see. As the tune may be a little wrong, but do not know anywhere else to make sure the course tiumentera. Let's, let's start.

What is targeted traffic?

Remember, when you blog "Health Insurance" on the target keywords. If your site will give you the upper hand only with the Health Insurance and the visitor comes to the Relevant Keyword.And whenever you can praparali it, but basically both increase your site ranking and income.

For example, in social media, Social Bookmarking, Blog-tiumenta or any other legal means than 10,000 visitors came to your site. If you think income will be broken today. What to do? Depending on the visitor's income or only have a few more?Well, I think a little. 10,000 visitors came to your site, this is what they all had in your targeted visitors? If the targeted visitors have come to tell you today is not income-shattering, but if they are not your taragetada visitors, but if you can increase your site bounce rate khub bad way. Because they come to your blog will bounce.

Let's do a competitor's. Today she brings her blog just 1,000 visitors. But it was all bhijitarai targeted. Indeed, it can be said that, in your kampititarera than 10,000 visitors, 1,000 visitors are much more valuable. And it is almost certain that he would say, you will earn 10,000 in traffic, your competitor will earn only twice since 1000 tyaphika.

No matter the importance of getting targeted traffic should be?

  • Pick the right keywords. 
  • Your niche / keyword related to tiumenta blogs. 
  • Social media. 
  • Long Tail Keyword's top priority. 
  • Blogging 

For starters I have to understand, I've shared this tiunatake a total of 5 steps. Each step is explained in detail on each subject and applying it to your blog will have enough information and inaphographiksa. As a result, you are easily able to understand the issues and be able to apply it to your blog.

I also hope that the next phase will be to produce, how to increase your site traffic targeted? Second parba select the right keywords and to apply.

Remember to tune the subjects

  1. Visitors can not get too important, what is important is that you get the targeted visitors.
  2. Visitors will be higher than if that income is low, but targeted bhijitareo you can earn good.
  3. Visitor traffic is much more valuable than the targeted 10,000 in 1000.


Muhammad Subel is a young and challanging web, graphics and logo designer. Big publisher at Adsense also.


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