Sunday, August 30, 2015

Freelancing in the Top 5 Mistakes

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Freelancing in the Top 5 Mistakes

Learn from our mistakes. In the case of freelancers e are most likely to.Pratipade learn they are having problems. Everyone has their own different kind experience. What can not be learned from others before himself thakara.The biggest problem may be caused by any of the things to learn. You may have already carefully.

Less money : Every phrilyansarai think maybe he was being given less money. However, it is less money to work. When the hour is to work as a matter becomes more complicated. As the hours you work 4 hours 4 hours to get the money. But in many cases, a person who is experienced in the work that half hour. How much money would the bill ? He has half an hour to fix it , but that he had to spend many years of experience to achieve it. Where is the value ? If the real value is estimated at the time , knowledge , experience , and expertise in all the estimated price.

Ultra-Activities : If you are a client of the work , he shall as soon as possible in order to be happy. That, of course , but you're a freelancer. In addition, some of the money you want to spend time in. What other reasons do not have to work at that time ? Numerous reasons may occur where you have calculated that there may be a garamila. At that time, we can work longer hours than you can handle the matter in hand.

Estimation : of freelancers will sell your skills. You know well , others work well but they can not do in your estimation.Surely somewhere there garamila. If you are unable to understand what they want. Think of another way it wants. The way that they should offer it to their benefit. Listen carefully , ask yourself less.

Always say yes : Yes, you will be forfeited if not therefore, would say yes , it can cause serious problems. She wants to work in a client who does not know enough about it. If he is wrong, but he was happy to say yes to you can not be satisfied.Do not agree with all of his well being as well as the relationship of friendship can be.

Keep in contact with: one is very happy to have you. Do not keep any relationship that does not work well as a mistake.Although his work may be given to the work of others. He was glad he would like to work in your favor. Whether or not work, clients have always tried to do .


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