Saturday, August 29, 2015

Satellite Communication. Satellite, Bangladesh and our world

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Satellite and Satellite Communication. Satellite, Bangladesh and our world

The infinite universe and that the sun orbits the sun every celestial object in the world that made his name with all their saurajagatara that all objects are to orbit the sun, they are the planet (Planet). Jyotiska planets orbit the sun, Earth is a planet that some of these names upagrahacamda Satellite or a satellite around the Earth to orbit the earth once in 30 days.

Curiosity is what people think since the dawn of the moon revolving around the earth. Due to the gravity of the moon, scientists said in response to questions on the reasons of the convergent force. Offering a simple language, that is the force of gravity causes the object at its center. If it were not for the ball, it would have gone to the moon in space. If the ball due to the gravity of the moon and earth would have been incumbent? Pradaksinera because of the moon around the earth, a kendrabimukhi ball (Centrifugal force), which is caused by the world of convergent ball (Centripetal force) equal and opposite because the moon does not go straight to the orbiting around the earth, elliptical or oval. Based on the theory that man has created space at the orbit of the earth to orbit the artificial satellite or satellite to him.

Satellite and Satellite Communication. Satellite, Bangladesh and our world
Information exchange via satellite, satellite communication means in simple language. This is a different type of satellite system launched in the air from the ground to orbit the earth in different altitudes. Exchange of information can be placed on the earth to a satellite earth station to any device or another satellite with a satellite. Typically, the communication between the sender and recipient information exchange pradanake if we understand these two (transmitter and receiver), we say that it is a satellite when satellite communications.


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