Sunday, August 30, 2015

SEO site audits, why and how?

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SEO site audits, why and how?

I started posting my cordial greeting. I hope all is well with technology. Today, the site of my little experience in audit alake'll try to write something. I do not know how much that would be acceptable to you, but it is a mistake I will deliver it knows that I find myself in front of my mistakes so we can move forward.

However, come to work. All of us need to know before venturing into the discussion before actually figure out what the SEO Site Audit? You may think I'm not the definition of a book is like. In fact, I do not know much or anything so I do not have the ability to write beautifully. I talk straight man. Therefore, it is easy to say the most.

In short, the site is a site audit to create a list of all the information out. Many people think that SEO Site Audit gain or need?And the issue will be on everyone's mind is normal.

In fact, if you SEO Expert haha ​​and if you want to work with a site that is the first thing that you need is the site of the audit report ah. If you do not know that there are sites where samasasa What do you do with the site.

Before the site was studied to see what the condition of the site? Where do you need to optimized and where there is need.

When we go to a doctor when he hears the words of our first ever Test samasasa and if necessary to assess the way the disease. When the disease involves the right way can then suggest medication for the khaoyara. However, there are a lot of quack medicine wrote, noting any corrosion damage could be as many of us as it is the risk of death upon.

So any site that is not an audit or if the site does not engage samasasa the site of the site of the BSE and to no avail, but I do not think that was now fairly sure this question will sound. However, there are still many things that SEO experts do not know if there is corrosion audit is not an audit.

What was so much smoke. What is now the subject of an audit report should be or should have been, or may be trying to say with it. But one thing you have good aim, and it is the site of the audit report and may differ depending on the person.Because e-commerce site, for one thing, blog, or for general site may be different. Now you can say, according to the website may be different, but what will be different depending on the person. Yes, this is normal, because the report was created by Jews to be different akajana person, and the person's experience or qualifications, or did not wish to be one of the coolest. I hope I can convey.


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