Sunday, August 30, 2015

For better rank, increase your page speed

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For better rank, increase your page speed

Ladies and Gentlemen I give you today on the subject of BSE and of the post-know paracena Con. We have our own, and will keep them in mind as a matter of slow internet users web site (the site that takes a lot of content to be loaded) do not adapt, to adjust the position or do not browse. So, thinking about the convenience of users on Google 010 pages of the website includes the speed of the algorithm.So now, any web site Google Page Speed ​​is very important for the ranking.

How to increase the speed of loading ?

  1. Image is very important pages to increase speed. To increase the speed of web pages, you first need to pay attention to the size of the image because the image size is greater than if you take a longer time to load. Google is advice to keep the image size under 20kb. Try to minimize the size of the images
  2. Now, most of the web sites created on WordPress. These web sites are created in WordPress WordPress Plugin can be used to increase the speed of the pages very easily.
  3. When a Web site will be added to the content delivery network and the server will be less loaded and will be loaded parallali information. It also helps to increase the speed of web pages.
  4. style seat is always in the header and footer in the script files always try to. And accelerates the implementation of many of the site's speed.
  5. Before that aim to make it have a little trouble. JS files external files used in the script is better to use the code in the head tag. JS code should be excluded in the comments.
  6. All the css file in an external file with the head of the web page associated with the increase in speed. It is better to avoid the lines and internal lines. Comments are excluded as well.
  7. A Web site's home page can not be kept because of the large amounts of Web content and more content in the home pages of the web site will take more time to load.
  8. Add Gadget When you do not use it then. Paste this link, please copy and paste the HTML code. Then click compress. When compress the HTML copy, click on the Add Gadget.
  9. 301 permanent redirect to a web page can not be used as well, because it takes a page to load if you use a browser besisamaya.
  10. We can try to reduce the number of HTTP request.


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