Sunday, August 30, 2015

Poverty or freelancing! The museum Who?

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Poverty or freelancing! The museum Who?

Many people spoke a lot about the characteristics of the Bangladeshis. All that's true, maybe it is not. But of all the things that can be found to be false can not be ruled out. "Actually Bengal, saying that the term is used, it is true what our jataya life? If sixteen to eighteen to say in a statement that the trend would be bangalerai. I go to the point. Excitement about freelancing from our state officials known as non-A, it seems that people have been affected yebhare the time or freelancing our poverty is the museum. Little explained to balk

"Learning and earning", a project does not listen to or among people who are aware of the very few to be found. Some of these projects have the applause of anyone who criticized it. I appreciate the government's interest in the subject matter at. Structures and techniques to condemn it again. The purposes of the project the "rich made at home." Under the project, training will be provided on a variety of interested people in 7 days. Then they will be able to earn a mention. Destiny, iunipedute trend of rich people with money that rich nations were attacked on the 7th day of the race; Even at home, it is understandable that will be affected by how much to listen to. Most of the parents and the children of our country, they are all "would be great" to enrich the lives of the greater good income who understands japana. The project will be the new food for thought. They think that, if I need to spend so much money so hard to study. Rather than sit at home with a good income at the training began. 30-40 thousand rupees per month !!

How many of those who are involved in this project have been presented at the Marketplace bhabe questioned how strong his skills. They were skilled in curriculum development project at the time, but keep in mind, however, that it 7 days a man can not be efficient. If you are training for a week you can become the pilot on the plane on the run? 
Aladdin's genie can have the good life. Listen to some of the projects were present at the seminar - " Are you saying that a trainer at his odeksa contains 1000+ account " (actually the author is not liable to abuse your face). They say that the students can apply for the low price that would work (source: the light). The results will be what they have been included below.

Do you have a question you ever be able to make an open daripallaya a penny shy frogs weight ?? In other words, is not the answer. Beard opened the domestic scale, the weight can not be frogs. So with all of these people will not be implemented. They are coming here camtate. Students learn the skills in the marketplace sikhacche what they'd been at a low price without having to bid. As a result, it would be bad for his image of the nation. Those who are already working here, they will be lost with them. The "freelancing" wrote the beautiful museum hanged.

Poverty can be sent to the museum

4 of the 268 million people in 01 of the 013, but it is 50 per cent of the three million 6 948 (first light). The current number is unknown. This is the end of those involved in the project, they asked the government to take into consideration the sort, and in the end, if successful, would make the Decision Maker, who had the chance to go to the museum poverty. They wear jariye unskilled people in the high-level training can be arranged according to pesana. So that they become proficient.Although they need are 7 days -7 month period. Arjenera their communication skills and linguistic skills training can be arranged free of charge. Many freelancers uddyokta be expected from the government under the project, they can offer no-interest loans. Internet speed increases by reducing the price. I hope we can send poverty to the museum.

I am not a professional writer. Asangita can have a lot of writing. There may be language problems. Galideoyara So I apologize in advance.


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